ACF-NT Continuous Emission Monitoring Solution

General Details
For continuous emission monitoring of complex applications. Simultaneous determination of up to 12 measuring components like HCl, CO, NO, SO2, NO2, N2O, NH3, H2O, CO2, HF, TOC and O2

Continuous Emission Monitoring Solution

World leader in stack gas monitoring systems for more than 40 years and pioneer in FTIR technology, ABB Analytical is offering an inexpensive and forward-looking system with the ACF-NT (former Advance Cemas FTIR) multi-component emission and process monitoring system.


Continuous, quantitative and selective measurement of HCl, HF, H2O, CO, CO2, SO2, NOX, NH3, N2O, O2, TOC and NMHC (other gases on request)

  • Maximum 12 measuring components (standard), simple upgrade on request
  • Proven hot wet extractive measurement technique
  • High stability, accuracy and reliability through proven FTIR technology
  • Fully integrated TOC and O2 analyzer modules (optional) according European Standard EN12619
  • Unique air-driven injector pump, no moving parts, low condensate to handle
  • Low ownership, maintenance and installation cost through multi-component measurement technology with only one sampling system
  • Complete pre-engineered system, modest space requirement, compact and modular system design
  • Clear-text status messages and user-friendly operator interface on a large back-lit display
  • Measured value and status signal transmission via analog and digital outputs and via Modbus or Profibus
  • Remote control and remote maintenance via Ethernet or modem
  • Integration and display of signals from other detectors (e.g. dust, mercury, flow, pressure, temperature)




General specifications:

Sampling System
  • Probe tube, optionally heated, lengths 500 to 2500 mm for process temperature up to 500 °C (optional up to 1350 °C)
  • Filtering device, heated to 180 °C
  • Sample gas lines, heated to 180 °C, length up to 60 m (other lengths and temperature on request)
  • Protective cover for probe (optional)
  • Probe back purge module (on request)
  • Automatic injection of test gases at probe for drift check (optional)
Sample Gas Conditioning Unit
  • Heated sample gas conditioning block with built-in SS-microporous filter
  • Air driven injector pump module
  • Oxygen, TOC and Mercury analyzers connection ports
  • Connection and automatic switchover for zero and calibration gas supply
  • Flow, pressure and temperature sensors
  • FTIR spectrometer with heated sample cell
  • O2 analyzer (ZrO2 detector, optional)
  • TOC analyzer (FID detector, optional)
Control and Display Units
  • Display and operator control unit (LCD screen and touchcontrol keyboard built into cabinet door)
  • Advance Optima system controller
  • FTIR system controller
  • Control modules for the injector pump, Oxygen and FID analyzers
  • Interfaces for
    − Measured values and status signals (analog and digital outputs or Modbus)
    − Remote operation and diagnostics (Modem or Ethernet)
  • Prepared for UPS for uninterrupted power supply of the most important subassemblies (optional)
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